Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Draft Player News (Nov 1)

On Monday night, the Chicago Blackhawks took on the Nashville Predators in a Central Division rivalry game, which was signalled as a good game to give veteran defenseman Sean O'Donnell a night off. O'Donnell was a healthy scratch for the team after playing in the first nine games for the club and registering 3 assists in that time.  O'Donnell is now 40 years old and will likely require a game or two off every once and a while, just to keep up with the pace this season.

In the game against the Predators, Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith suffered an upper-body injury, which is believed to be a hand injury, after blocking a shot in the game.  There has been no official word from the team on Tuesday morning, but if there is anything more significant coming from this injury, you can be sure that there will be a more substantial post on it.

ImplicationsWell, it should come as no surprise that these two posts could very well be related, especially since they both relate to the same team.  O'Donnell belongs to Munden G. in the pool, while Keith is on Kristy and Don's team this season and if Keith is out for the long term, you would have to believe that the veteran might have to wait on some of that rest, possibly putting an extra game or two in between rested games.  The duo have an 8-point lead on Munden going into Tuesday's action and both sides are going to be eagerly awaiting what the results of the tests on Keith say.

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