Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Draft Player News (Nov. 15)

The Buffalo Sabres are the center of a lot of attention at the moment, not only for the firestorm surrounding a goaltending injury and the hit that caused it, but also with the coaching staff deciding to make defenseman Tyler Myers into a healthy scratch against the Canadiens on Monday night.  Of course, the scratch was due to some displeasure surrounding his overall game, not to mention his production, 4 assists in 16 games.

The Sabres haven't necessarily been struggling this season, since their tops in the Northeast Division at the moment, but in order to stay near the top, they'll need their best players to remain on top of their game.

Myers belongs to Allan S. in the pool and I'm sure Allan probably didn't really want to see Myers name in the scratches box on the line-up card, but if it gives him a kick in the butt, I'm sure he'll settle for one game being away as a minor cost.

On the other side of the ice in this Northeast Division battle, the Montreal Canadiens were again without Mike Cammalleri, who is still suffering from a minor lower-body injury, likely the same one that kept him out of action last week.  There is no timetable for Cammalleri's return, but we'll consider him out day-to-day for the time being.  The Canadiens did make a call-up to support the line-up in Cammalleri's absence, but their roster could hold it, so Cammalleri hasn't been placed on the injured reserve.

In 12 games this season, Cammalleri has 3 goals and 4 assists, which is good enough for 254th in pool scoring to this point.  Cammalleri has now missed five games this year, a setback which doesn't reflect well in his numbers and his health could be tied with some of the team's results to this point.  He'll need to be healthy, if the Canadiens look to make a run.

In the pool, Cammalleri belongs to Stacey C., who could have used an extra point or two from Monday's game, as he currently clings onto the 10th spot in the pool, though Monday's action.  If the injury is more significant, Stacey only has 3 points to play with above 11th spot, 6 points over 12th.

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