Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Avs Place Tanguay on the IR

This news byte flew under the radar on Tuesday, during a busy day at the office, but was eventually got when the numbers were going in late last night.  The Colorado Avalanche have placed veteran forward Alex Tanguay on the Injured Reserve and right now, it sounds like he'll be missing a fair bit of time, according to some speculation.

The Avalanche started an 8-game road trip on Tuesday night, with their stop in Philadelphia and Tanguay is not on the trip.  It wasn't quite clear if Tanguay was going to join the team at any point on this trip, but since he wouldn't be eligible to come off the IR before Friday, we could safely assume he wasn't going to be back before then.  The speculation does go as far as to question whether or not he'll be ready for when the team returns from the road trip and since it is a knee injury we're talking about, it seems like a fair question to ask.

Tanguay has been a reasonable producer for the Avalanche this season, although not terribly great at the same time, picking up 2 goals and 6 points in 14 games with the club, ranking 247th overall in pool scoring, after Tuesday night.

Grant, today, would have been getting reasonable production from his 242nd overall pick in the draft, taken in the 10th round, but it won't take very long for Tanguay's overall ranking to drop out of the 10th round, especially if he is going to miss the next seven games, at the very least.

At 92 points and without the goals for tie-breaker in his favour, Grant's team sits in 23rd spot, 3 points up on 24th and 8 points on 27th and we have already taken off Tanguay's projected games for the rest of the week, but his totals do remain in the middle of the pack, so that's a plus.

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