Sunday, November 22, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Nov 22)

All eight teams have indeed qualified for Week Seven, so we have no nail biting left or any eliminations to speak of, but we have four games on the schedule. It looks like all eight starting goalies will be pool-worthy.

Cam Ward (Neil) and Jonathan Quick (Brenda & Seward) are already underway in Carolina this morning/afternoon, followed by Martin Jones (Scott) and Sergei Bobrovsky (Troy) are expected to go in the Sharks & Blue Jackets game, and then both Thomas Greiss (Eric) and Carey Price (John S.) are confirmed for the Islanders and Canadiens and the late game tonight will see Cory Schneider (Troy) return to Vancouver, likely taking on Jakob Markstrom (Wes) and the Canucks.

It's been a rough week for goalies in the pool, as the keepers haven't racked up a lot of minutes in a busier week, so a full slate of eight goalies should help those numbers.

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