Friday, November 06, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Nov 6)

As we head into Friday night and the weekend, we only have two teams left to try and qualify for Week Six in the goalie survivor pool. Allan and Derek W. are the only two left that need wins, as Jeremy, Mike and Ryan each qualified on Thursday night.

Of the two teams left to do so, only Allan has a goalie going on Friday night, as Jeff Zatkoff gets a rare start for the Pittsburgh Penguins, as they go into Edmonton to take on Anders Nilsson (non-pool) and the Oilers.  Zatkoff has won his only start so far this year and if he doesn't get the win tonight, Allan will only have one more shot at it this weekend.

Derek may have a couple shots left this weekend, still... so, he doesn't have to freak out just yet.

No team will have their pair of goalies going tonight, no goalies from the money teams will be playing tonight, so I'm thinking that this is a pretty cheap post this afternoon.  It might be a little bit more interesting tomorrow, especially if Allan falls short tonight.

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