Monday, November 23, 2015

Surgery for Gallagher

Shot blocking continues to take its toll on those who make a good living at it, as the scrappy Brendan Gallagher was the latest victim of an opposing player's blast from the point, taking a shot to the hand, fracturing a couple of fingers. The damage was so bad, that the announcement was made on Sunday night, shortly after the game, that he would be booked in for surgery this morning and that he would be out indefinitely.

It has been suggested that a broken/fractured finger injury would be roughly 4-to-6 weeks in duration and that would seem very likely, given that it was a couple fingers that were damaged.

This injury comes at a poor time, as Gallagher was having an excellent start to the season, already picking up 9 goals and 19 points in 22 games for the Habs, ranking 37th overall in pool scoring, as of Monday morning.  It would be a bold-faced lie to say anyone was expecting these kinds of numbers, but there they are.

By far, Gallagher was the bright spot on Derek & Dan's team, being the 2nd-highest scoring player on their team with the 19 points, one of only four players on their side into double-digits.  The pool's latest duo had an okay week in Week Seven, moving up to 24th place with a 20-point week, but with their top scorer out for a month or more, they could be in for another spill.

What will they do in one week's time?

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