Monday, November 09, 2015

Goalie Announcements (Nov 9)

Well, I am only posting this, because I said I would. It's a little bit of a moot post, since there is only one game in the league on Monday night, as Arizona meets Anaheim in a Pacific Division battle.

In this game, only one of the two goalies are in the pool, as Frederik Andersen (Benson) takes on Anders Lindback (non-pool) and Benson isn't in the survivor pool, so it's only a chance that points end up in the pool, more than anything.

Benson's team sits 18th, heading into Week Six, 27 points out of the money, so he could really use a big game from Andersen tonight.  He's also involved in one of the side bets with his brother, Stuart, where their 1st round picks are all going head-to-head and Andersen is losing mightily, early on this season.

This does appear to be a scheduled start for Lindback, so it isn't really a missed start for Mike Smith, which can ease the mind of Dale B., who is still in the survivor pool.  The Coyotes play four times this week, so he should be getting his chances before too long.

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