Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Look at the 2017 Winter Classic Logo

It may have been announced a little while ago, but it didn't really get a feature on the blog when it happened, but the 2017 Winter Classic will go in St. Louis this season, where the Blues will face the regular opponent for this extravaganza, the Chicago Blackhawks.

At the beginning of August, shortly after the Heritage Classic announcement, the league showed off the look of the new logo for the Winter Classic, which is set to go on January 2, 2017 this season.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any immediate looks at the logos that the two teams would be using for this game, like we had for the Canadian game.

Thanks to 27 hockey pool teams last season, the Winter Classic between Boston and Montreal featured 29 players in the hockey pool, some of which didn't play, due to various reasons, like injury and being in the minors, but that was still a lot of picks to be noticed in this game.

This time around, it could be very much the same, as the Blues and Blackhawks are both likely to be very popular at this season's hockey pool draft in October and we will have at least one opportunity to change up players.  In a mock draft done today, done to my early projections, with 27 teams again for the coming year, I have 24 players taken from these two teams, including four players taken in the 1st round.

I am just polishing off the finishing touches to my mini-games post, where there is a chance that a game like the Winter Classic may have some meaning in the mini-games for the coming season.  Stay tuned!

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