Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Recent Contract Extensions (Jul 12)

Well, my hockey pool isn't too familiar with Jaccob Slavin, but it should be more familiar with him, as the Carolina Hurricanes are set to pay this kid for quite some time.  The 23-year old defenseman just signed a new 7-year, $37.1 million contract extension, which will kick in during the 2019 season, as he still needs to finish his entry-level deal in the coming year.

Slavin has flown under the radar for the last couple of seasons, as he has finished in the pool worthy rankings for defensemen in both seasons, but playing in Carolina is really playing in the shadows.  Last season, he played in all 82 games, scoring 5 goals and 34 points, good enough for 47th among all defensemen and he wasn't picked up until the second Waiver Draft this year.  I suspect that he'll be a well sought after player by some, who may have been doing their homework this summer.

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