Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Domingue Dealt to Lightning

2018 Season July 1st, 2018
To Tampa Bay POS Age GP Wins Points Cap Years Cap
Louis Domingue G 25  7 0 0 $1.05 mil 0 RFA
To Arizona POS Age GP G/W Points Cap Years Cap
Tye McGinn F 27 0 0 0 $650k 0 UFA
Michael Leighton G 36 0 0 0 $650k 0 UFA

The Arizona Coyotes have not been shy in moving goaltenders around within their organization and that could now be to the benefit of Louis Domingue, who didn't see any success in his early season appearances, forcing him out of a starting or backup role with the team.  That movement continued, when the Coyotes were able to shuffle him off to Tampa Bay for a couple of veterans on minimal and expiring contracts, giving the franchise some more flexibility, if needed down the road.

Domingue has been playing in the AHL for the last week and with Tampa Bay already hosting a goaltending tandem of Andrei Vasilevskiy and Peter Budaj, I don't see any reason why he would be making his way up to the NHL any time soon.  Domingue will likely be an option, if either of the two current goalies were to get hurt.

Domingue is likely going to be a Waiver Draft casualty in about three weeks time, likely to be dropped off of Stuart's team when the swaps go live, so there really isn't any gains or losses happening with this trade.  This is just a pool trade, so it gets the posting treatment.  If Domingue was to find himself called up, for whatever reason, there would be some significant gains, as the Tampa Bay Lightning are a far superior team to the Coyotes and if he were to see any game action, his likelihood of posting a win would be far greater.  That's a lot of if's and but's to happen in the next few weeks, but Stuart can't do anything about it until Waiver Draft time, so he'll have to see how it plays out until then.

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