Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Nov 14)

Well, Cam's starter was no better than a slice of Swiss cheese last night, as the Flames lit up Jake Allen for a converted touchdown, so there has been no qualification through one night's worth of action in Week Seven.

The schedule for Tuesday night is rather thin, only eight games on the docket, but that doesn't mean that we're going to be short of qualification games.

Robin Lehner (Kristy & Don) versus Matt Murray (Stacey M.)
This one could have been an all-survival match-up, but the Sabres had to go and ruin it by dressing their number one goalie tonight.  Instead, Stacey M. will get the only survival start from Matt Murray in this game, as the sputtering Penguins will host the Sabres and Robin Lehner.

Kristy & Don left Stacey behind in the standings on Monday night, as the duo jumped out to a huge lead in the weekly standings, opening up an 8-point gap between themselves and Stacey, thanks to an 8-point night.

Braden Holtby (Grant) versus Pekka Rinne (Dale B.)
The Capitals are in Nashville tonight and this game should be a doozy, hardly a cake walk for Grant's number one goalie, Braden Holtby.  Not only has Nashville got their number one goalie going tonight, they should get an infusion of some healthy bodies, which could make them a formidable opponent.

Gran'ts team was the Mover & Shaker last week, but didn't have a lot going last night.  His team opens the night 17 points back of Dale's team, so this could really help to close the gap, if his Capitals can sneak out a road win.

Brian Elliott (Stacey C.) versus Devan Dubnyk (Brenda & Seward)
The Flyers and their number one goalie, Brian Elliott, will be traveling into Minnesota to take on the Wild tonight and they'll get the unenviable task of taking on the Player of the Week for Week Six, Devan Dubnyk.  Stacey C.'s proxy team gets an early shot at qualification for Week Eight in this game and this could be an entertaining match-up, with the Flyers offense starting to gain steam and the Wild playing some decent hockey of their own.

The pool's second duo have recovered nicely from back-to-back Basement Dweller weeks, already having passed Stacey's team in the standings and putting 9 points between the two sides before this game started. 

Jacob Markstrom (Wes) versus Jonathan Quick (Chris)
Finally, in the late game, the Canucks finish a California road trip in Los Angeles and all expectations suggest it will be number one goalies again in this game, which will mean Chris will get a start from Jonathan Quick and he'll be facing off against Wes' keeper, Jacob Markstrom.

Wes hasn't had a ton of success with Markstrom yet, but he probably had to know that was coming.  His team still hasn't aided him otherwise, as it sits 19 points behind Chris' 8th place team in the standings.

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