Monday, November 13, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Nov 13)

We've had two weeks of goalie surviving for the last ten teams in the mini-game, three straight weeks where we've finished with ten teams in the pool.  Now, the league is throwing a bit of a curve ball, only having 45 games on the schedule, dropping some numbers down for some teams and that is something that could make this week a little more interesting.

Looking at the projected games for the ten teams, Stacey M. leads all teams with seven possible starts, while Grant, who carries both Washington goalies, has a skewed number, as we can only really count the number of games they play this week and that is three.  Jeremy has four possible starts this week, but that's over two teams.  This could be an interesting week.

Only two games on tap for tonight and only one of them is a survival game, but we'll do them both, because it's a long weekend Monday and I've got time!

Ben Bishop (Kristy & Don) versus Scott Darling (Clayton)
In the non-survival game, the Stars and Hurricanes go at PNC Arena in Raleigh, where it will be Ben Bishop going for the Stars and Scott Darling for the Hurricanes.

Kristy & Don's team hold a 5-point advantage over Clayton's team in the standings, but both teams are hanging around the top half of the standings, which is the more important part.  If one team could really get the better of the other on the ice, one team in the pool standings could make a good leap.

Jake Allen (Cam) versus Mike Smith (Ryan)
The survival game goes here in Calgary tonight, as Mike Smith and the Flames are looking to play spoiler for Jake Allen and the Blues, who remain in the mini-game for Cam's team.  The Blues have been in pretty good form of late, atop the Central Division and 7-2-1 in their last 10, thanks to their number one goalie. 

The Flames currently hold a playoff spot, heading into tonight's game, and they are coming off a good win against the Red Wings, which should help their momentum.

Ryan's "poopy team" is in dire need of a win tonight, sitting in 22nd place, 7 points back of 21st and needs a huge run to start to get back into the overall race.  The Waiver Draft can't come soon enough for his side.

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