Sunday, November 26, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Nov 26)

There was absolutely no love for the survival teams on Saturday, even amongst the busy slate.  Tony's team was the only one to get a start out of four possible games between the three teams still in need and the Ottawa Senators dropped a decision to the Islanders and that was it.

Stacey C.'s team couldn't catch a break with Semyon Varlamov's illness and the Philadelphia Flyers couldn't throw him a bone either.

And for Stacey M., her team isn't completely hooped, heading into Sunday, as there is plenty of room for some kind of miracle to happen, but it does seem unlikely now.  It was surprising that Matt Murray couldn't get the job done this week, but what can you do?

Pekka Rinne (Dale B.) versus Scott Darling (Clayton)
Stacey M. might have kept some faint hope that Cam Ward would have got the start for the Hurricanes in the league's earliest game, but it isn't to be.  Instead, Clayton gets a chance to make up a couple of points on Dale B., the gap that is now 30 points between the two pool teams, Dale up in 2nd place at the moment.  Of course, that gap won't close in one game, but it's certainly a start.

Jacob Markstrom (Wes) versus Henrik Lundqvist (Brian)
Today's Rogers Hometown Hockey is an early game, likely thanks to the Grey Cup game today, and it will feature the Canucks and Rangers from MSG.  Wes gets the first of two starts here, as Markstrom will take on Lundqvist, who belongs to our current leader, Brian.  Wes currently sits 46 points back of Brian's team and is in desperate need of the Waiver Draft.

Cam Talbot (Wes) versus Tuukka Rask (Clayton)
Assuming Cam Talbot is clear of the flu today, he'll be giving Wes the second of two starts, while Clayton also gets a second start today, as Tuukka Rask will make his first start in five games.  Both pool teams could still make a move up in the standings before the end of the week here today, which is somewhat counter-productive, given that the Waiver Draft order will be finished after today's action and the weekly audit in the morning.  Moving up would lessen the value of their picks.

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