Thursday, November 09, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Nov 9)

We're going into night four of Week Six and Wilton did get his win last night, leaving only four teams to try and survive by the end of Sunday.  Three out of four pool teams appear to be getting the nod tonight and one team is losing out on a start, due to injury.  Depending on how it all shakes down tonight, it could really make the weekend interesting again... although I did like that weekend off of these posts... that was good too.

Cam Talbot (Wes) versus Cory Schneider (Jeremy)
I have been waiting all day for confirmation of this match-up, but even late this afternoon, there still is none, but it seems safe to assume that Jeremy will get a start from Cory Schneider and the New Jersey Devils, when they play host to the Oilers in one of the early games tonight.  Schneider gets the better part of the work, regardless in Jersey, and they didn't play last night, so it seems pretty fair.

Corey Crawford (Jeremy) versus Brian Elliott (Stacey C.)
It's expected to be an all-survival match-up tonight in Philadelphia, as it will pit the reigning Player of the Week, Corey Crawford, going against Brian Elliott on the home side.  Both Jeremy and Stacey C. are in need of wins this week and this being Jeremy's second start of the night bodes well for this chances of getting at least one tonight.

Antti Raanta (Ryan) versus Carter Hutton (Benson)
It sounds like Benson is getting a rare non back-to-back start out of the St. Louis Blues, still likely a scheduled start for Carter Hutton, since he was away from the club on personal business over the last week or so.  Jake Allen is deserving of a rest and the Coyotes seem to be a good team to play the backup against, so it all works out.

Jacob Markstrom (Wes) versus Ryan Miller (Cam)
Well, it sounds like John Gibson will be missing some time for the Ducks, now limiting the chances that Tony gets at trying to survive this week.  This is a bit of a win for Cam's team, which missed out on a pair of starts tonight, not seeing his starter go for the Blues in the game previous to this one on the post.  Nevertheless, Tony's pool team is now treading in some troubled waters heading into the weekend.

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