Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Goalie Announcements (Nov 1)

Tonight, we resume our normally scheduled survival programming, with five games on the schedule, four of which will feature a goalie in need of a win to stay in the mini-game this week.  Two of those four games are very interesting, as they are full survivor match-ups.

Six teams are still to qualify this week and five of those teams have games tonight, one of those teams has a couple of starts, so we should be fairly competitive tonight, at the very least.

Nevertheless, the schedule is making up for all those non-pool goalies last night, as all the games on the schedule should be manned by pool goalies.  Points all around!  Woo hoo!

Brian Elliott (Stacey C.) versus Corey Crawford (Jeremy)
The first of the all-survivor match-ups tonight, puts Stacey C.'s goalie against the first of two starts for Jeremy in Chicago, as Elliott and Crawford go head-to-head.  The Flyers and Blackhawks have been scoring goals at a reasonable pace so far this season, so this should be a pretty good game.

Matt Murray (Stacey M.) versus Cam Talbot (Wes)
The Penguins and Oilers finish off their season series to start the second month of the season and there is every indication that it is the prime time goalie match-up will be on deck. Matt Murray will get the nod, looking for that weekly win for Stacey M.'s team.  Talbot will give Wes the first of two starts tonight, as his team is just looking for points these days.

Cory Schneider (Jeremy) versus Jacob Markstrom (Wes)
Both Jeremy and Wes get their second starts in the same game, as the Devils are out on their west coast swing and Cory Schneider returns to his old haunt, possibly looking for that win that he may not have picked up in the earlier game in Chicago.  Wes' team could really use a couple wins tonight, as his team is among the trailers in the weekly scoring, with only 1 point through the first couple nights.

Frederik Andersen (Mike) versus John Gibson (Tony)
Finally, the other all-survival game, as another goalie returns to his old barn, with Frederik Andersen making another stop on the duck pond in Anaheim.  Andersen returns to find his crease, exactly the way he left it, with John Gibson there, having taken over the number one job.  Both Mike and Tony have lots of chances still there this week, both considered favourites for the mini-game prize.

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