Saturday, January 30, 2010

3-Game Suspension for Green

The NHL came down on Mike Green of the Washington Capitals on Saturday morning, giving him a 3-game suspension for the elbow that he gave to Michal Frolik of the Florida Panthers on Friday night. You can see the elbow below in the embedded video.

It's really bad timing for Green's indiscretion, as it comes shortly after the nasty elbow and season-ending suspension of Patrice Cormier in the QMJHL. Frolik did bounce back up from the nasty elbow to the chops, which likely lightened the suspension levied to Green, but as an emerging superstar, the suspension was still handed down and the echoes of a double-standard cease for now.

ImplicationsGreen is a member of Larry's Draft team this year and he's currently sitting in 5th spot in the standings going into the weekend's action. Missing out on the offense that Green brings could hurt his shot of staying that high by Monday morning.

On the Sheet, its no surprise that he was the most popular guy in Box 26, but since he's so popular, almost everyone has him, so there really shouldn't be too much of a change in the standings because of this suspension.

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