Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ribeiro Expected Out Six Weeks

An errant high stick from Christopher Higgins caught Dallas' Mike Ribeiro in the throat in last night's game at Madison Square Gardens, which resulted in Ribeiro having to leave the game and will now have to spend a few days in hospital after undergoing a tracheotomy to help repair a throat contusion. Ribeiro will now miss anywhere between 4-to-6 weeks of action because of the injury.

Ribeiro is having a pretty good season with Dallas this year, but he's not quite as "on fire" as we've known him to be in the past couple seasons. In 43 games, Ribeiro has 10 goals and 23 assists this season, which is good enough for the top 50 in league scoring, but with goalies in the pool scoring, he's down a little bit lower. Last season, Ribeiro finished 30th in pool scoring, which is mighty impressive.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, Ribeiro has been a key part of Dale C.'s run in the money, helping him up to 2nd place in the standings. Of course, with the Waiver Draft going next week, there is a good chance that this sort of injury will see to a drop in the pool for Ribeiro, but we can't be too sure. Ribeiro could only miss an extra two weeks after the Draft and that could still be enough to put up better numbers than anyone he could pick up in the Waiver Draft.

On the Sheet, Ribeiro is a member of the elite Western Conference box, Box 1, so he was not going to be one of the favourites going into the season, leaving him with zero selections.

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