Sunday, January 10, 2010

Upper-Body Injury Sidelines Ruutu

A late-game fight on Friday night against Darcy Tucker forced Tuomo Ruutu to leave the game and not dress for the Hurricanes' game against the Senators on Saturday night. Ruutu suffered an upper-body injury, which was disclosed as an upper-body injury, which isn't a hand injury. Ruutu is expected to be out of the line-up for a while, but its unclear as to how long exactly.

ImplicationsRuutu is a part of the Draft on Wes' team this year and Wes is having troubles staying in the money spots after seven straight weeks of being in the money positions and another injury to his team is only helping him fall out of the money a little faster.

Ruutu is also on the Sheet, but since the Hurricanes were not a very deep team going into the year, he was placed into a pretty high box with better choices.

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