Monday, January 25, 2010

Pens Without Two on Monday Night

Week Eighteen opened up with a pair of undisclosed injuries for the Pittsburgh Penguins, as both Bill Guerin and Alex Goligoski were held out of the line-up against the Rangers. The Penguins continue to be very vague with their injury reports this season, which is frustrating for those poolies that are relying on the Penguins to help them get points this year.

Guerin finished Week Seventeen with 16 goals and 19 assists in the first 52 games for the Penguins, while Goligoski has 6 goals and 17 assists in 44 games this season. Both players bring a definite offensive element to the Penguins and would certainly be missed against the Rangers.

In terms of rankings this year, Guerin is currently ranked 87th in pool scoring, while Goligoski goes into the game in 233rd. Both players have seen improvements from their rankings last season, as both players have seen significant time with a high-octane Penguins team. Guerin, although much older, has seen a lot more time with Sidney Crosby, which should mean automatic points this year.

ImplicationsBoth players feature in both the Draft and the Sheet pool this year. Guerin is a Draft pick of Benson's and Goligoski belongs to Ryan this year. Talk about two teams going in opposite directions, as Benson has made a run for the money spots, opening up the week in 3rd spot, while Ryan is in 9th spot, 10 points out of 8th.

On the Sheet, Guerin was taken twice in Box 21 this season and Goligoski was taken six times in Box 28.

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