Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Senators News

The Senators are still running into injury problems and it's all getting worse as the days go by. On Sunday, the Senators were newly without Filip Kuba and Jesse Winchester against the Hurricanes and there was a bit more of an update to Milan Michalek... and that news is definitely not very good.

Kuba (pictured) was out of the line-up because of an upper-body injury, which he suffered on Saturday night, taking on the Panthers. He is currently listed as out day-to-day for the time being.

Winchester is expected to miss at least a month because of a knee injury, which he suffered in Saturday's game as well. Definitely a hit to the team's depth there.

Finally, the update on Michalek... it looks like he'll be out indefinitely with his upper-body injury, which has been quietly suggested as being a concussion. A concussion could be a major catastrophe to the Senators, who are already struggling with scoring.

ImplicationsOf course, this has some ramifications towards the pool. Well, Kuba and Michalek do... Winchester does not. Kuba is a member of Larry's Draft team this season, which is climbing the ranks of late. Larry now has the top defensive group this season and an injury isn't going to keep him up there for too long.

Michalek will now likely be dropped by Allan in the Draft this coming week, as Allan will need to make the leap up the ranks to join the tight race for the money. A new forward will see to that.

Neither Kuba or Michalek were selected in the Sheet, so there isn't much change going to happen because of these injuries.

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