Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Stafford Out With the Flu

The flu bug has hit Drew Stafford and he was kept out of the the Sabres' line-up again this season. Stafford has missed a game here & there already this season, but has been good otherwise, scoring 12 goals and 13 assists in 47 games for the Sabres this season. Stafford isn't expected to be out of the line-up for very long, considered out day-to-day.

ImplicationsStafford belongs to the 4th place team in the Draft, which belongs to Wayne, and he's right in the thick of everything at the moment. He finished Monday night only a point out of 3rd place, but doesn't have the tie-breaker in his favour, so he needs to be in 3rd outright to keep the position.

On the Sheet, Stafford is nowhere to be found and won't have any effect on the pool.

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