Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wings Sit Leino

I hope you didn't believe the hype... Ville Leino was a healthy scratch again for the Red Wings on Saturday night against the Sharks in San Jose. Leino only has 7 points in 38 games this year, which is way down from the projections that a lot of hockey outlets had set out for him. I won't be surprised if he goes back to the press box on a regular basis without scoring.

ImplicationsTrevor took a chance on Leino in the Draft and has paid for that mistake to some degree. With the Waiver Draft starting on Monday, it will be interesting how he decides to change his team. He has been dealing with some injuries, so a cold player may not be in the line of fire.

Leino is an option in Box 8 of the Sheet pool and he was taken five times this year. His 7 points this year are not the worst in the box, but it's close. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of good picks in that box to choose from, so I'm not sure that a trade is a wise move.

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