Friday, January 29, 2010

Oilers Getting Healthy

With the return of both Mike Comrie and Gilbert Brule to the Oilers line-up on Thursday night, it meant that players had to come out of the line-up to accommodate them. Surprisingly enough, it was both Patrick O'Sullivan and Zach Stortini that came out. I suppose O'Sullivan is the bigger surprise of the two, since he's considered to be one of the scoring forwards on the team, but since he isn't doing his job well of late, he was in need of a quick kick in the pants by the coaching staff.

The coaching staff did remark that the scratches are only temporary, so we should expect to see O'Sullivan back in the line-up on Saturday, but its hard to say about Stortini.

ImplicationsIn the Draft, O'Sullivan is the only player of note for any implications and he was taken by Allan this year. Allan is in a battle with Ryan for 9th spot, but still has a 14-point gap up to 8th spot, so a healthy scratch like that wasn't going to help. His return will be greatly appreciated though.

On the Sheet, O'Sullivan wasn't taken at all, but there are eight teams in the pool that were happy that Comrie came back. So, there's more of a positive than a negative there.

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