Friday, December 09, 2011

Concussion Problems for the Flyers

It may very well be that the only thing holding the Flyers back from having an amazing season is themselves... and their health. The Flyers reported on Friday afternoon that defenseman Chris Pronger has also been suffering from a concussion on top of having surgery to help repair his knee, while forward Brayden Schenn may also be dealing with a mild concussion as well.

Both players are now considered to be out indefinitely, this on top of Pronger's knee injury, which still has a couple of weeks left on its worst case scenario diagnosis.  Schenn has already missed a game since returning from a broken foot, because of an upper-body injury, which is the concussion that is mentioned here.

ImplicationsWell, if you have been keeping up on the blog, you'd know that Pronger belongs to Scott G. and Schenn is one of Leon G.'s, neither team in the top 10 at the moment and a significant loss of these players could keep them out of the top 10 for a while.  This is not the news that either team wanted to see at the beginning of the new segment.

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