Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ehrhoff Out With Upper-Body Injury

According to the Buffalo Sabres, defenseman Christian Ehrhoff was injured in a fight against the Capitals' Troy Brouwer in the 1st period of Friday night's game and the prognosis does not sound very good. Ehrhoff is expected to be out for 'weeks' with an upper-body injury, to which the specifics are not quite known.  The fight was more of a hugging match, so it would be safe to say Ehrhoff wasn't injured on a punch, but there may have been contact between his head and the ice, as they wrestled each other to the ground.  Hard to say.

Ehrhoff isn't quite having the season same kind of season that he did in Vancouver last season, but his 17 points (3 goals and 14 assists) in 37 games is quite respectable, ranking him 228th overall in pool scoring and 31st among all defensemen.  The Sabres haven't quite found their overall chemistry yet this season, between the new faces, plenty of injuries and other miscellaneous events, so the individuals have suffered somewhat in their scoring.

ImplicationsIn the draft, Ehrhoff belongs to the 5th place team of Dale B.'s, which is still in striking distance of the leaders.  From 1st to 5th is only 7 points now, as everyone has caught up to everyone else and Dale is still sitting okay, with the worst week among the money leaders.  The loss of Ehrhoff could be damaging, especially with the loss of Dustin Byfuglien this week as well.

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