Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Liles Leaves Leafs Line-Up

The Toronto Maple Leafs have announced that defenseman John-Michael Liles has been suffering from concussion-like symptoms and he'll be set to miss out on some action, at least a week, probably more.  The Leafs have been very guarded about announcing concussions and have worded them in a vague fashion, which doesn't sit well with many, but I think we can safely assume that Liles will have to undergo the entire league protocol with this announcement.

Liles has been a good addition to the Leafs offense this season, providing a little bit more concentration on puck moving out of the defensive zone and around the rink.  In 35 games, Liles has picked up 4 goals and 17 assists, which is good enough for 154th in pool scoring, to date, 16th among all defensemen.  The Leafs will likely miss his offense dearly, especially with no expectation of when he'll be back in the line-up.

ImplicationsAlso missing out on some key offense will be Brenda F., who has enjoyed some real success from Liles this season.  Her defense has seen some pretty good production, 65 points in total, which is well above-average and a good early part of the week has her in a tie for 7th, but doesn't have the tie-breaker to take the spot at the moment.  The loss of Liles will be a tough void to live with, but there is a 7-point gap between her team and 9th place, as of today.

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