Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Penguins Still Cautious Over Crosby

It is a small point of contention as to where Sidney Crosby was actually hurt enough that the Penguins will now hold him out of at least the next two games.  It was either the open-ice collision with teammate Chris Kunitz or a slight check to the head from the Bruins' David Krejci that hold the two spots worth arguing about, but nevertheless, the poster boy for the NHL is going to sit again and I think a lot people are hoping that it will be for just two games.

There is no question that Crosby has been effective in his return to the ice this season, as he has 2 goals and 10 assists in his first eight games of the year, but having to sit again will drastically hurt his overall value in the league and for the Penguins, not to mention in the fantasy pools.  Crosby, in the middle of Wednesday night's action, ranked 240th in pool scoring, despite only having played about a third of the games that everyone else has, which makes you think, how good would he have been if he played all season, to this point?

ImplicationsWell, this was the bread and butter gamble for the draft duo of Kristy and Don... taking Crosby in the 1st round.  It was the money or bust pick, which didn't look great over the first six weeks, made it interesting over the last three and now you really have to begin to wonder, what he is really worth to them in the long haul.  In the middle of Wednesday's action, the duo ranked 6th in the standings, 7 points back of 5th and 4 points up on 7th.  It's a slippery slope, where a bad week can do awful things.  Thankfully for them, they are among the pool leaders in weekly scoring to this point, so they are in good shape.

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