Saturday, December 10, 2011

Flu Bug Bests Skinner

It was reported that Jeff Skinner missed out on Carolina's defeat in Winnipeg to the Jets, because of a bout of the flu on Friday night.  It doesn't sound like there is anything to worry about, missing out on one game is fairly normal in the life of an NHL'er, especially since only a select number are able to play all 82 games in a season.  The Hurricanes do not play again until Tuesday, in Toronto against the Leafs, so he'll have plenty of time to rest and get better.

Skinner has had a pretty good season for the Hurricanes to this point, scoring 12 goals and 12 assists in 30 games with the club, which is good enough for 50th overall in pool scoring.  There is a bit of a downside to his numbers though, he belongs to the team that has played the most games in the league, so far, and he leads the team in points, but is only ranked 50th, which isn't so great in the end.  With teams that still have plenty of games to play, he will likely drop in the rankings quickly, when the schedule catches up to him, unless he can go on a real tear.

ImplicationsThis likely isn't the kind of thing that Darren S. would like to hear about his 1st round pick in the draft, taken 7th overall.  No, Darren sits in last place in the standings and was hoping for a top 20 finish for Skinner in the pool scoring standings, but it may seem a little far-fetched today, given the situation that he's in.

Darren currently sits 15 points out of 21st in the pool standings and will need that big push from Skinner to get back into a race for the top 20 here soon.

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