Friday, December 30, 2011

Wisniewski Breaks Ankle

Another horrible turn of bad luck for Blue Jackets defenseman James Wisniewski, who suffered a broken ankle while blocking a shot on Thursday night against the Dallas Stars and it looks like he'll be out for the long-term.  There was no immediate word as to what the team expects for time away from the line-up, but the coaching staff did suggest that the could be back before the end of the season, but with how well the team has fared to this point and how bad they were without him, that may not be a comfort to many people.

Wisniewski missed the first eight games of the season due to a suspension, which forced his season to date to be reduced to 29 games, where he has scored 2 goals and 15 assists, which isn't too bad.  Unfortunately, the team around him were unable to gain any chemistry and so the rest of his numbers really suffered.  Thankfully, for pool purposes, we won't get into those, because they are somewhat moot.

In the 2011 season, Wisniewski was the 5th best defenseman with 51 points in 75 games, but he will be nowhere near that this year, but may still need to be considered highly, when the fantasy drafts roll around again in September, if you're looking for a possible bargain.

ImplicationsThis is terrible news for Niesa S., who took the gamble on the high-scoring defenseman, even with the suspension on his head.  Wisniewski was getting closer to rewarding her with getting back up to the ranks where he was actually taken, which would have made her gamble look pretty good.  Unfortunately, that won't be the case in the end, rather Niesa will have to sit tight for the second waiver draft, where she'll have to find someone else to fill his spot, but that is still over a month away.

As of Friday morning, Niesa sits in a tie for 8th place, with the tie-breaker in her favour, at 300 points.  Her team is 26 points out of the money and 12 points up on 10th place.

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