Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Blues Activate One, Shut Down the Other

The St. Louis Blues welcomed Jake Allen back into the fold, activating him from the Injured Reserve over the weekend and he was dressed to back-up Brian Elliott on Monday night.  The Blues didn't think he would make it into game action right away, but Elliott was hurt in the game against the Sharks and Allen had to jump in early.

On Tuesday morning, the St. Louis Blues were pretty quick to announce that Elliott was placed on the Long Term Injured Reserve, which will cost him at least 10 games, but they will re-evaluate his lower-body injury after four weeks.  The Blues have called up Pheonix Copley to take his place in the roster, the goalie that shared sometime up with the club, when Allen was hurt.

Elliott had made 34 appearances in the St. Louis net this season, picking up 17 wins and 1 shutout, adding up to 36 points on the year, which ranks him 125th in pool scoring.  That isn't a bad ranking, considering that he wasn't really penciled in to be the starter, but coming in relief for Allen, who was hurt.

Elliott's string of starts was one of the leading causes of Grant's rise from the basement of the standings, especially since his team is last in goals scored this year.  Grant's team has taken a proper kicking over the last few weeks and now he'll rank among the bottom of the pool for projected games for the foreseeable future.  If the rest of his team can't pick up the slack, there is a chance he may fall back down to 27th before too long.

On the flip side, Scott gets the second half of his goaltending duo back and now they can start running away with the scoring title from that position.  Heading into Tuesday's action, Scott's team still has an 8-point lead over Kristy & Don for the best duo in the pool, 114 to 106.  Scott is still 36 points back of the money, something that Allen can certainly help to shrink down the stretch, which is good news for his side.

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