Friday, February 19, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Feb 19)

There's only one mini-game race left talking about and that's the penalty minute pool and it's getting really, really good.  Wes is hanging on by the skin of his teeth and we've still got seven (and a bit) weeks left to go in the season, as Derek & Dan are now only 11 minutes back of the leader.

Friday night, we have five games on the schedule and it is much more about the challenger than it is the leader, but there are very few actual goons going tonight for either team.

Wes has a pair of skaters going tonight and they are facing each other, as Travis Hamonic and the Islanders head to the swamp to take on Jordin Tootoo and the Devils tonight.  He could hope that those two go toe-to-toe in a divisional match-up, that would be ideal.

From the other side of the coin, Derek & Dan's top occupant of the box tonight will be Evander Kane of the Sabres, as they head into Columbus for a date with the Blue Jackets.  Kane has been good for 69 minutes already this year, so he could nickel and dime his way into the good graces of Derek & Dan's books.

Overall, those two skaters are the only two that Wes has playing tonight, while Derek & Dan have five more players on top of Kane, but none of them have 40+ minutes on the year, so they'll be considered bonus minutes for those chincy hooking or holding calls.

Still, this race is far from over and let's hope it comes down to the last days of the season.

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