Friday, February 05, 2016

Week Eighteen Waiver Draft (Feb 5)

Yesterday, I had the luxury of a day off from the Waiver Draft, as the draft didn't progress on Wednesday, after I had finished the post.  Bonus, I guess...

So, fresh off the free day of updating the Waiver Draft posts, we had some movement in the 2nd round, which officially got started late on Wednesday night.

Grant decided on passing, likely hoping that his roster can getting healthy and getting him out of the basement.  There's no reason why that shouldn't happen.

With the 2nd drop/pick in the round, John R. has gone full goon in this Waiver Draft, opting for Ryan White of the Flyers, dropping Mikhail Grabovski of the Islanders.  His team hasn't quite been gooning it up yet this week, but with a couple of bruisers in his lineup for the stretch run, he'll jump up into the top five, for sure.

Mike, who is hanging onto Dennis Wideman in the pool, opted to keep him, as he believes there is a greater number of points upon his return, than getting any from the remaining defenders in the pool.  It's just a matter of when he'll actually be returning, after his appeal.  Mike officially passed.

Benson also decided to pass, since his only injury on his side is considered less-than-serious and there wasn't much that would improve his team in the pool from the available list.

In his fine form from the first Waiver Draft, Wes dropped a fine nugget upon the Waiver Draft, leaving Mike Ribeiro of the Predators to be snapped up, opting to continue his goon streak, picking Zac Rinaldo of the Bruins to fill his gap.  Ribeiro wasn't getting the chincy calls anymore, so he was booted for someone who chucks knuckles.

Then it was another pass, this time Stacey M. opting to stay the course.  There was no deal struck for any 100-point players in the Waiver Draft, so she was okay with her team the way it was.

Derek & Dan were gooning it up in the Week Nine Waiver Draft, but have found some shreds of pride, trying to move up in the standings and trying to catch some "jerk face" that is ahead of them.  So, they have opted to drop Derek Dorsett of the Canucks and improve their scoring prowess, while keeping a mean streak, taking Zack Kassian of the Oilers.

In possibly the best e-mail of the Waiver Draft, Stacey C. drops "Joffrey Loophole" of the Maple Leafs for "Blame Comeau" of the Avalanche.  Blake Comeau was dropped by Grant in the first Waiver Draft, but was one of the better forward options available this time around.

John Swan decided to play a hunch to try and make up whatever points he could in the side bets with Stuart, dropping Dennis Seidenberg of the Bruins for Erik Gustafsson of the Blackhawks.  It's a blueline swap that will hopefully pick him up a couple extra points before the end of the season.

The last pick made on Thursday night belonged to Clayton, who was out to try and improve his rookie crop a little bit.  The underachieving Ryan Strome of the Islanders was out and Mattias Janmark of the Stars was in to take his place.  It will be a minimal improvement, but anything to close the gap in the rookie race, I guess.

And to finish off this post, Allan's hot team didn't need to make any more moves, so he passed late on Thursday night and Cindy confirmed that her team is quite content in the middle of the pack, also passing on her pick on Friday morning.

This leaves Dale B. up in the draft and hopefully we can finish the 2nd round today, with a bunch more passes.

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