Monday, February 29, 2016

Bruins Acquire Liles

2016 2016 2017
To Boston POS GP G/W P Cap Status
John-Michael Liles D 64 6 15 $3.875 mil UFA
To Carolina POS GP G/W P Cap Status
Anthony Camara F 0 0 0 $787k RFA
3rd Round Draft Pick
5th Round Draft Pick

The Boston Bruins were in the market for a puck moving defenseman at this deadline, trying to work their way through the priorities, top to bottom today and about third on their list was John-Michael Liles of the Hurricanes, who they opened up the vault for, offering up a 2011 draft pick prospect and a couple of picks to get the deal done.

Liles, 35, has certainly made the rounds in his career, jumping from team to team, usually around this time of year and now the Bruins are trying to work their way into a long playoff run in the Eastern Conference with a new blueliner in their collection.

His season to date hasn't been spectacular with a Hurricanes team that was still somewhat in the playoff race, but opted to be sellers for long-term gains, instead of heading to a short playoff run, if there was one at all.

The Hurricanes will give this older prospect a try in their system or maybe at the top level, since they've sold off a lot of pieces already, see if it is worth while to keep Anthony Camara on after this deal, when it expires in July.

ImplicationsIn the pool, Stuart gets a little bit of a boost, since the Bruins are a good team from the blueline to the offensive net, which should help Liles pick up a few more points down the stretch.  His team is 26 points from the money, which, like a lot of deals already done today, won't be assumed by one player making an impact on his team with only six weeks to play.

Maybe more to the point, Stuart has some side bets on the go, including one defenseman bet, that he's losing quite badly to Clayton, 139 to 111.  That's an even bigger gap than his one to the overall money prizes.  Oh, but he is winning the defenseman bet with John S., 111-59... that helps.

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