Saturday, February 27, 2016

Florida Not Done: Acquires Purcell

2016 2016 2017
To Florida POS GP G/W P Cap Status
Teddy Purcell F 61 11 32 $4.5 mil 1 year
To Edmonton POS GP G/W P Cap Status
3rd Round Draft Pick

Not long after acquiring forward Jiri Hudler from the Calgary Flames, the Florida Panthers called the other area code in Alberta to acquire forward Teddy Purcell from the Edmonton Oilers, sending another draft pick of theirs to the prairies.

The Panthers are definitely making some noise in the East, as they try to concrete their position atop the Atlantic Division, adding a little bit more of a veteran flavour to a lot of their high talent kids, sacrificing some of their picks from next year's draft.

Purcell was never really a great fit with the Oilers, hardly finding a regular stride in the offensive zone, nor really finding a great fit with many of the Oilers' top draw prospects that are in their lineup.  The move to Florida will be a new lease on life and one that could have a better fit, somewhere in the bottom six of their lineup.

The Oilers announced that they were going to be sellers earlier in the week and now with the market setting up with more draft picks getting swapped again this year.  The Oilers and their luck with the entry draft, more so with the 1st overall pick, but I digress, will be in good shape when they fill out rheir board this year.

ImplicationsThis is another deal, where it's a basement hockey pool team is involved, as Mike sees an Oilers player head over to another team, playoff bound.  Mike's team is 23 points out of the basement, which is definitely safer than the three teams down at the bottom, but I don't think this deal has a lot of upside for him, except for being on a better team.  It's hard to say where Purcell will fit in their lineup, but the move does help Mike's chances of not being last this year.

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