Saturday, February 27, 2016

Reimer Gets Dropped Into the Shark Tank

2016 2016 2017
To San Jose POS GP/MIN G/W P Cap Status
James Reimer G 1,808 11 22 $2.3 mil UFA
Jeremy Morin F 0 0 0 $800k RFA
To Toronto POS GP/MIN G/W P Cap Status
Alex Stalock G 674 3 7 $1.6 mil UFA
Ben Smith F 6 0 0 $1.5 mil UFA
Conditional 2018 4th Round Draft Pick

The San Jose Sharks have liberated goaltender James Reimer from his will he-won't he start situation in Toronto, adding a little bit more confidence to the crease for their possible playoff run this year.  The deal sees Reimer coming over with a minor-leaguer, while the Maple Leafs receive a back-up goalie in Alex Stalock and a minor-leaguer of their own, not to mention a conditional draft pick, based on how the Sharks finish in the playoffs.

Reimer has been a long suffering player in the Maple Leaf media circles, often the subject of who should have been the number one guy in Toronto, as he had been keeping the team in it some races for a few years now.  The underappreciated keeper will now help Martin Jones, likely as the number two guy, moving forward.

Stalock wasn't exactly getting very many minutes in San Jose behind Jones, but may end up getting a few more minutes, as Jonathan Bernier hasn't exactly been too steady this year.  So, that's a plus for him.

ImplicationsOnly one of the two goalies remain in the hockey pool this year, as Reimer still belongs to John S. as the season tapers off.  John's team isn't in any races at this point of the season, but still has some side bets with Stuart still pending, but the goalie bet is well out of hand.  Stalock used to belong to Derek & Dan, but his limited amount of ice-time was more than enough reason to see him dropped at the last Waiver Draft.

While Stalock travels to meet the Maple Leafs, Garrett Sparks will be backing up Bernier in Montreal tonight.

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