Thursday, February 11, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Feb 11)

The Ottawa Senators are going on back-to-back nights, last night in Detroit, which wasn't really a spirited affair in the end and then tonight against the Avalanche, which you wouldn't think would have much for potential, but those have been the games that have surprised.  There is all kinds of goonage ready to go in this one, as the Senators will be rocking Chris Neil (Derek & Dan), Mark Borowiecki (Wes) and Dion Phaneuf (Brian), while the Avalanche will have Cody McLeod (Wes) on the other side, so there are a few possibilities for dancing tonight.

The quest for the top five will start for John R. tonight, as he will have both of his new goons going tonight.  Tom Wilson and the Capitals will visit the Minnesota Wild and then Ryan White and the Flyers will host Evander Kane (Derek & Dan) and the Sabres tonight.  John opens the night 67 minutes out of the top five, but with his two goons in tow, he could clean up most of those minutes in the last segment of the season.

Oh yes, let's not forget about Wayne Simmonds (Dale C.) in that Flyers/Sabres game... this one has some real potential for fireworks tonight.  Dale is 72 minutes behind Wes in the PIM pool and Simmonds has had some big games of late, as he seems to be rather irritable.

3rd place, Dale B., is already 33 minutes behind Derek & Dan and his team will have Scott Hartnell and the Blue Jackets hosting the Anaheim Ducks and then Antoine Roussel and the Stars appearing in Chicago for a game against the Blackhawks.  One or two good games tonight and his team could really be in the mix again.

If only there were someone in the stands goading these guys on in every building... we could really use the fireworks this season.

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