Sunday, March 20, 2016

Flyers' Playoff Hopes Lose Neuvirth

The Philadelphia Flyers have done a hell of a job staying in the playoff hunt in the Eastern Conference, but they still sit 3 points out of a wild card spot.  A lot of their good fortune has come from having two goalies that can take over for one another, when the other one gets cold.

Unfortunately, on Sunday morning, that luxury was trounced, as the team announced that Michal Neuvirth will miss the next four weeks with a lower-body injury and since the regular season only has three weeks left, that pretty much counts him out for the remainder.  This leaves Steve Mason the job of making up those 3 points in the standings, with a few back-to-back situations left in the schedule.

Neuvirth's season ended up being a pretty good one, finishing with 17 wins and 41 points on the year, leaving action on Sunday, ranked 141st in overall pool scoring.  That's not a bad year at all.

For Neil, Neuvirth was one of his best picks of the season, another one of those impressive steals from the 13th round, which was alluded to in the Morning Notes below.  Neil took Neuvirth with the 332nd pick and really was enjoying what he got out of him from time to time.  So much so, his team is still very much in the money hunt, 10 points out of 3rd place, but now down to one goalie for the last three weeks.

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