Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Noon Player Notes in the Draft (Mar 23)

It sounds as though Tyler Bozak will return to the Maple Leafs' lineup on Thursday night, when they take on the Ducks at home.  Bozak has been out since February 8th with a concussion and has been skating recently, but with some of the emergency call-ups being sent down, the indications are that he is ready to go.  It won't mean much to the Leafs right now, but it is a positive that he is up and moving around again.

Allan's team currently occupies the middle spot in the standings and with the potential return of Bozak, his team could make a quick push for the top half, at best.  Bozak will get a chance to play with the team's up and coming youth, so there's another positive for everyone there.

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