Thursday, March 31, 2016

Race to the Sin Bin (Mar 31)

I didn't think I would do too many of these posts, but I thought I would catch-up with some of the other hopefuls here, since Derek & Dan are now absolutely running away with this pool.

With all the injuries that Wes has on his team, Dale B.'s team could potentially finish 2nd in the PIM pool, not that there are any prizes for 2nd place, but I'm just saying.  It would be remarkable, since his team didn't really declare to be a goon team.  Nevertheless, Dale's team will have both Antoine Roussel of the Stars and Scott Hartnell of the Blue Jackets going tonight, as they could potentially help to close the 35-minute gap between the two teams.  Both players are up around the 110-minute mark this season.

Wes' top PIM-getter going tonight is James Neal of the Predators, who has 63 minutes this year, not quite in the same category as Dale's goons.

John R. declared his goon side in the Week Eighteen Waiver Draft, trying for a top five finish in that pool.  His team has been good in this segment, ranking 3rd since the start of Week Nineteen, with 183 PIM.  John's team still needs 27 minutes to catch Eric's side, but won't get too much help tonight, as his biggest muscle tonight is Jeff Skinner of the Hurricanes, who has 38 PIM.

Eric's defense of 5th spot is going to be strong tonight, with Oliver Ekman-Larsson of the Coyotes and Milan Lucic of the Kings, as they're both well over an hour in PIM this season.

Still, leading in thuggery tonight will be Chris Neil of the Senators, with his 151 PIM, giving Derek & Dan more ammo for their PIM pool win this season.  They are now up by 86 minutes, giving no chance to any team behind them of catching up.

Since the start of Week Nineteen, the duo's team have registered 323 minutes, which is better than both Cindy's and Stacey M's team... all season.  The duo are not done there either.  Stacey C.'s team is only 6 minutes better than their segment, Troy's team is only 7 minutes better, John P.'s is 11 minutes better, Mike's team is 12 minutes... it goes on and on.  Derek & Dan's team is a bunch of douches.

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