Thursday, March 10, 2016

Shoulder Injury Ends Demers' Regular Season

The Dallas Stars are beginning to run a little thin on their blueline these days, especially with the loss of Jason Demers for the remainder of the regular season and into the playoffs.  Demers suffered a shoulder injury on the weekend and the team has just announced that they won't even have him back in for an evaluation for at least six weeks.

With four and a half weeks left in the regular season, the math becomes very easy to do.

With John Klingberg already on the shelf for the time being, the Dallas Stars are going to struggle from the back end, even more so than they already do.

Demers has been having an okay season, picking up 7 goals and 23 points in 61 regular season games and that's where his production will stop.  At this point, he is ranked 306th overall in pool scoring, but with over a month to go, it will take a sharp drop, I'm sure.

Brenda & Seward were getting good market value for their pick, up until this point in the season, as they took the veteran defender in the 12th round, 313th overall, so even missing a handful of games already this year, he was working out to be around the same place he was taken in the pool, making him a good pick.

The pool's second duo go into Thursday night's action in 1st place in the standings, only 1 point up on Jeremy and they are already without one of their goalies for the rest of the season as well.  This could be a long stretch for them or at the very least, very competitive.

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