Monday, April 04, 2011

Stastny Shut Down

Just before their game against the Flames on Sunday night, the Avalanche announced that they have shut down one of their top forwards, Paul Stastny, who has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in his leg, which will cost the dynamic forward the final week of the season. Since the Avalanche are not a playoff team and jockeying for a better lottery pick at the bottom of the standings, the injury doesn't come at the worst time possible.

It has been a tough year for Stastny, already missing some time already and having a team that really fell off the map, in terms of wins and scoring to earn those extra wins.  He had already missed some time due to injury this season, limiting his season to 74 games, where he scored 22 goals and 35 assists for 57 points and goes into this week in 72nd spot in pool scoring.  I would imagine he'll stay in the top 100 this year, but it might be close, especially with how tight the scoring race is this year.

ImplicationsIf this was to suck for someone... and it does, it will be for Benson G., who has fallen out of the money spots in recent weeks, has now lost a pretty good shot at possibly regaining some points lost down the stretch to try and get himself back for some money.  Going into the last week of the season, Benson sits in 6th place, 4 points out of 5th and 12 points out of the money for 4th.  Stastny is the kind of player that had been getting some points while the Avalanche have been losing, but now with zero games left from him, Benson could be pooched.

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