Thursday, April 07, 2011

Zetterberg's Regular Season is Complete

The Detroit Red Wings have announced that Henrik Zetterberg will not be available to the team for their final two games of the regular season, as a lower-body injury will need some attention.  The team won't go much further than talking about the two upcoming games, leaving the playoffs timetable to when they get closer to the actual date.

This means Zetterberg will finish the year with 80 points (24 goals and 56 assists) in 80 games, finishing at an even point-per-game pace, a very good bounce back season after a mediocre 2010.

ImplicationsIn the draft, Stacey C. has Zetterberg, but wasn't able to capitalize on his good season with complementary seasons from the rest of his players.  Stacey is set to finish in 12th place this season, hopefully eyeing a better finish in the playoff pool.

Speaking of the playoff pool, Zetterberg's status is up in the air at the moment, which means you may want to hold off as long as possible on submitting your team, if you have plans to use Zetterberg in Box 1.  Stay tuned for more developments as we draw closer to the starting date.

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