Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Huselius Concussed

The Columbus Blue Jackets had to spend quite a bit of time re-configuring their line-up at practice, because it looks as though Kristian Huselius will not be ready to go for the Jackets until the playoffs... at the very least. There are some significant fears that the playmaking forward had suffered a concussion on Saturday in Nashville, as he was unable to go on Sunday.

This season, Huselius has 21 goals and 35 assists in 74 games for Columbus and prior to the week starting, he found himself in the top 100 of pool scoring, yet continuing to have a drop in production for the second straight year.

Huselius is one of the key players in John B.'s run to the money in the Draft this season. Having another man go down may open the door to someone below him taking a money spot away from him. Huselius also features in the Playoff Pool sheet, so it will be interesting to see how many people have read the injury news leading up the deadline for submission. This injury should red flag Huselius, stay away!

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