Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Tuesday Morning Notes

The Avalanche are not expecting to have Brett Clark in the line-up tonight at home against the Coyotes. Clark suffered a hand injury over the weekend and the coaching staff is thinking that the injury will keep him out the line-up indefinitely. Clark was dropped in the Draft by Dale C. at the second Waiver Draft and wasn't very popular on the Sheet.

Another injury for Larry and his quest to stay within the 150-point bet set by himself and Clayton at the beginning of the season, as Stephane Robidas has been hit with a lower body injury and has now missed a couple games with the injury. After Tuesday's action, Larry now sits 147 points back of Clayton and is more than likely going to lose the bet.

Another hit to the top seven this morning, as Kyle Quincey is now out with an undisclosed injury and by the looks of their game notes against the Stars last night, Quincey is done for the year. Since the Kings are out of the playoff picture, there is a good shot that they are just shutting him down for the last week of the year. This doesn't help Marcus' chances at the money, who now sits 13 points out.

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