Thursday, April 02, 2009

Thursday Morning Notes

The Sabres did a nice thing for the Mikael Tellqvist on Wednesday night, they let him dress to be Ryan Miller's back-up against the Thrashers. Sure, Tellqvist didn't get to play in that game, but at least he could watch it from ice level. So, when that happens, Patrick Lalime gets the team pass to the press box upstairs and gets a bird's eye view of the game. Still not a bad gig, really.

The Avalanche suffered yet another injury on Wednesday night, as Ryan Smyth left the game with a hand injury. The season is already at a loss for the Avs, so injury concerns just get thrown onto a large stack of other injuries, while the team waits for the season to end. The extent of the injury was not disclosed.

The Devils were without Patrik Elias on Wednesday night against the Penguins. Elias was experiencing some stiffness in his leg and since the Devils have already clinched their spot in the playoffs, there is really no sense in dressing one of your top scorers, especially for a minor injury concern. With the playoffs only a week and a half away, Elias may get a little more rest here and there.

The Coyotes played the Avalanche on Wednesday night, beat them, 3-0, but that was only the 14th place team in the West, beating the 15th place team in the West. Figuring back into the line-up on Wednesday was Peter Mueller, David Hale and Nigel Dawes, while Steven Reinprecht was on his way out of the line-up. Five games to go for the Coyotes, which means five more healthy scratch news bytes still to write.

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