Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playoff Pool Trends

The Playoff Pool has been coming along well already this week and it was a pretty short and limited run on it's availability as well. I have 34 names confirmed with 19 already putting their teams in. I still haven't had a chance to devise my team yet, but I'm sure I'll get it done some time today. I just thought I would take a quick look at the players who are trending well already, out of the 19 already submitted that is.

In the Western Conference, the leading selection getter is Chicago's Duncan Keith, who is in Box 9, as the team's second defenseman. Keith has a commanding lead on the rest of the players in that box, with 12 of 19 possible selections, as the Blackhawks are trending well against the Flames, meaning more people are expecting the Blackhawks to come out of that first round series against the Flames.

In the Eastern Conference, the leading selection getter is Alex Ovechkin, who also has 12 of 19 possible selections. The Capitals are up against the Rangers in the first round and the Caps are blowing the Rangers out of the water for selections. This one doesn't even seem to be an even series, according to the trend of selections.

Goaltending in the pool, thus far, is very spread out. Evgeni Nabokov leads the West with 9 selections, while Tim Thomas leads the East with 8 selections.

I just want to let everyone know, that the deadline for selections has been extended by a few days, as timing and delivery of some selection sheets have been delayed.

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