Thursday, September 24, 2009

NHL Handing Out Suspensions

Well, there were three suspensions handed down recently by the NHL for some pretty sketchy play. Really, there's only one player that may get any sort of fantasy notice, but even that's a stretch. Kings' defenseman, Sean O'Donnell, will miss the remaining three preseason games for the Kings and will miss the first two regular season games for a cross check thrown in their game against the Islanders this week. His fantasy value is pretty low, so this really shouldn't effect anything going forward.

Much earlier in the week, Pascal Morency learned his fate from the NHL after jumping off the bench to confront Dion Phaneuf in the Islanders game against the Flames last week. Morency received the remainder of the preseason and a few games in the regular season. There was little chance that he was going to see any regular season games anyways, but the law had to be laid down there.

After a boarding major and a game misconduct, Francis Lessard of the Coyotes will be ineligible to play in the first three regular season games for Phoenix this season. Lessard received the penalty in a weekend game against the Ducks and now won't see another preseason game to help his cause of joining the Coyotes for the coming season.

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