Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rangers Trim One More

The Rangers were very quick to make another cut on Tuesday, after they trimmed down their roster to 24-25 players on Sunday, as they sent Pierre Parenteau down to Hartford of the AHL. With an unsigned Alexei Semenov still in camp, this does leave 24 players left in camp.

Salary CapParenteau's salary cap number was not high enough to bring the team's cap number below the ceiling, but it's certainly a start. Now, the Rangers have 23 players signed on to their active roster at an approximate cap hit of $57.6 million. That is only a difference of $800,000 that they have to make up somewhere along the line. That shouldn't be terribly difficult to make up or have some player sent down and leave the roster at 22-men to start the year.

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