Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Canucks Re-Sign Schneider

Another signing from the One to Watch paragraphs, but instead of watching this player get dealt this Summer, it looks like he'll stay with the club for a while longer.  Cory Schneider signed a new deal on Wednesday afternoon, which was reported to be a 2-year deal worth just shy of $1 million per season.  This suggests to me that Schneider will indeed be the back-up goalie for Roberto Luongo in 2011, showcasing his talents in a small number of games to the rest of the league, likely vying for a starting job in the next two to three years. 

Since the salary cap details are not official yet, I'm going to hesitate posting more on the cap implications of this deal.  If Schneider does become a full-time player on the Canucks roster, a sub-$1 million hit will look good on the numbers posted on the Pool Outlook last month.  

You should keep a closer eye on Schneider now for your fantasy pool, especially a keeper league, because now he can register points, if and when he's the back-up.  Don't be over-zealous, I'm thinking that he'll only be looking at 12 to 20 starts in 2011, likely more to the former end.

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