Monday, June 21, 2010

Wild and Sharks do a Minor Deal

2009-2010 NHL Statistics2011 Cap Info
To MinnesotaPositionAgeGPGAPYearsCap Hit
Brad StaubitzForward25473360RFA
To San JosePositionAgeGPGAPYearsCap Hit
2010 5th Round Pick

A very minor deal on Monday saw the Minnesota Wild acquire tough guy Brad Staubitz from the San Jose Sharks for a mid-round pick in this weekend's Entry Draft.  There is some discussion suggesting that Derek Boogaard might be even closer to the exit in Minnesota with this deal, but that remains to be seen with Boogaard still has exclusive rights to their old enforcer for another week before he goes out to the open market.  If I had to offer a guess, I would imagine Boogaard will have to find a new home after July 1st, but even his fantasy value remains questionable, as the role of the enforcer seems to be being phased out more and more in the NHL.

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